Maxlit COB Downlight from Maklites LED Housing

Maklites is constantly striving to offer the best-in-class LED light housing design for LED Manufacturers. For the first time in India, we are introducing Nova. A new addition to our landscape lights casting range. As a leading LED housing and LED casting partner, we understand the challenges of LED Manufacturers to offer the best designs in lighting solutions. Maklites is best placed in the industry to provide variety, quality, and customization to suit LED housing needs.

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Gate Light -Nova Round – 90W
Gate Light – Nova III – 90W
Gate Light – Nova II – 60W
Gate Light – Nova I – 30W

Benefits of Installing LED Flood Lights

LED lights are Eco-friendly and cost-effective which gains popularity nowadays. Compared against the traditional light you know that LED lights are the smart solution for power saving and illumination. LED Floodlights have replaced CFL bulbs and help the user to get maximum of benefits. LED light housing is the perfect solution for residential, commercial and public places. There are plenty of good reasons why the people need to choose LED lights.

Advantages of Choosing LED Lights

Long Life

The lifetime of the diodes used in LED lights are high compared to traditional lights. That is LED lights has around 1, 00,000 hours of operational time. This is one of the important benefits of the LED lights. Due to long life, you can save money which is spent on purchasing normal lights. Unlike traditional lights, LED can brighten area more quickly.

Energy Efficiency

LED lights use electricity effectively that is it consumes 80 to 90% of electricity and the energy lost is up to 20% only. LED is a modern solution to use energy efficiently most importantly for a large scale business. If you are looking for the prolonged and cost-effective lighting for your home then go with LED Flood light housing.

Highly Durable

LED lights are highly durable and it easily withstands in various conditions like rain, summer and in the roughest conditions. This light is resistant to shock and they make great lighting system for rough conditions.


Eco-friendly nature of the LED lights attracts more customers. There are no toxic chemicals present in LED lights such as Mercury and other gases. The material which is used in the LED lights is nature friendly. It will not affect the health of the people. The user does not need to spend the extra amount for maintaining the lights.

No UV Emissions

Illumination which is produced by LED lights has a small amount of infrared light which is almost equal to zero. This makes the LED lights the best option for the materials which is sensitive to heat. For example, this is the best option for museums and galleries.

This post has shown the huge advantage of LED lights. So LED is the better choice for those who looking for an affordable and better lighting results. MakLites LED casting will help you to create the best infrastructure by providing Led High Bay Housing.